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Marine Wife

Mother of 5


Gina Ciarcia

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Meet Gina

Serving our country has always been the only way of life for Gina Ciarcia. Gina is the proud wife of a retired Marine officer and mother of five. Both in and out of the classroom, Gina has devoted her time and energy to providing quality education to her children and students through years of homeschooling, tutoring, and full-time teaching.

Knowing first-hand what it means to serve on the home-front, Gina and her family have sacrificed for our country and our American way of life through numerous military deployments and changes of duty stations. Her Christian faith, her family, and her community have always been her top priorities.  

Veterans and military families know well, “We bloom where we are planted.” In 2017, the Ciarcias chose Dumfries as their home, rooting themselves here in Prince William County.

Through two decades of Marine Corps life and teaching history, Gina's patriotism and belief in America’s founding principles have impacted and influenced students of all ages. As a military spouse, Gina wholeheartedly affirms our American values and cherishes our individual liberties. As a mother of five, she knows that families are the building blocks of every community, and good policy never undermines the family. As an educator, Gina keenly understands the role of education in shaping the people of a nation.

Let’s send Gina Ciarcia to the Virginia House of Delegates on November 2nd to fight for a future that we’ll be proud to hand off to the next generation of Americans.


The American story belongs to all of us and it’s a great story!

Tomorrow’s freedom is in our hands today.

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